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My Story - My Fist Blog Post

For my very first blog entry I would like to do a reprint of sorts. I wrote this article just over a year ago as my first publication in the Pure One magazine. It gives a brief version of my story and what I believe in. I hope you can relate to some of it, be inspired by some of it and most of all I hope you are living and amazing life like me.

My name is Candais and I am living an amazing life. A few short years ago I would not have said that. If you had asked me who I was I would have said I was a mother, wife, farmer, first aid teacher etc etc. But none of those things spoke to who I really was, inside. I didn’t let anybody see inside, heck I didn’t look inside, and if I did take a peek it was too dang dark to see anything anyway. You see, years before I had learned to hide my light, and with years of practice, I had gotten so darn good at hiding that light that even I couldn’t see it anymore. So I stumbled around in the dark, banging my shines, stubbing my toes, falling over and tripping and being in pain most of the time, literally and figuratively. Ask my friends, I was the biggest klutz around. If a month went my without an injury everybody worried that it was building up for something big and usually they were right. I didn’t know it then but my body and my spirit were not working as one, they were tragically, and almost fatally, disconnected.

I followed this path for many years, or should I say I limped down this path, until one day the universe figured well if she’s not listening to all our “whispers” it’s time to yell. I had an accident that landed me flat on my back for more than eight weeks. And what does one do with eight plus weeks of recuperation? You take a good long hard look

inside. You look at your life and who you are. You start realizing what works and what doesn’t work. You figure out what and who is important and what/who doesn’t matter. You spend time trying to find out what makes you happy. And that is exactly what I did. I made choices about what was staying in my life and what was going out the door. I looked at who was important to me and who I had to let go of in my life. I found what had made me happy in my younger life, took it off the shelf and gave it a good dusting.

There is not one of those decisions that I regret today. But the biggest decision was to find that light inside of me that I had been hiding for so long. It was still there, a little candle burning with all its might. I took that tiny flame, nurtured it into a fire and then stocked that fire into a blaze. That’s why today I can say that I am living an amazing life, heck, I am amazing. I am still a mother, wife, farmer and first aid teacher but I am so much more. I am psychic, a medium, an intuitive life coach, a reiki practitioner, a teacher and a student. But most of all I am happy!

Now I don’t just tell you all this for the sake of tooting my own horn, although we all should do that now and then. I tell you this because I know there are so many people out there just like I was. You have hidden your light, you are stumbling around in the dark and you don’t know what to do about it. Please listen to the universes whispers, don’t wait for the proverbial smack upside the head like I did. I hear people all the time say that they just want a sign of what they should be doing with their lives. You should be being happy. Whatever it is that brings you happiness. For me it was embracing the spiritual side of me that I learned to hide but it could be anything, painting, singing, dancing, wood working, ditch digging. Don’t wait for a big light bulb moment, a bill board from heaven with a neon arrow saying all you can eat enlightenment buffet next exit. I know books you have read by famous people all seem to have those moments but very few people get one of those and sometimes they are painful. Make a choice. Make it today, and when you start doubt it, make it again, and again and again until your ego gets sick and tired of fighting you. When that happens, you will find that the little candle inside of you has become a fire, and the fire a blazing inferno. Then when someone asks you who you are and what you do, you can say “I am _____ and I am living an amazing life.”

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