Silver Feather Readings

Connecting with your guides, angels & loved ones in the spirit world

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Spirit?
Spirit to me, in the context of a reading, is any being of Light that has your best interest at heart. This includes your Higher Self, Angels, Spirit Guides, Fairies, Past Over Loved Ones, sometimes you will even get insight to a past life.

Can I ask questions during my reading?
Of course you can ask questions, I encourage it. We want to know what Spirit has to say but we also want to look at the areas of your life that mean the most to you and that you want guidance with.

Can I take notes or record the reading?
Absolutely! If your memory is like mine you will need to jot down a couple words here and there, or record the reading, to jog your memory later.

Can you answer any question?
To be honest, no. Spirit has its own agenda and reasons why we should know something ahead of time, we need to come upon it organically or we need to learn the information for ourselves. I will be totally honest with you, if Spirit is not giving me any insight on the subject I will tell you that I’m not getting anything.

Can you read my mind?
No, thank goodness. I read your energy, not your mind.

Can you tell the future?
That’s a loaded question. I, personally, cannot tell the future, I am not a Gypsy from an old black and white movie, but how cool would that be. Sometimes Spirit will give us insight to what is coming on our path. If you are at a crossroads and need to make a choice that is the perfect time to consult with Spirit. But they will only show us what will help you grow and move forward on your path. Two things you need to remember; time to Spirit does not move like time here in the physical, past present and future all feels the same in a reading, and we have free will and can change our future in the blink of an eye.

Can I hear from a specific departed loved one?
It is totally up to them whether they come to visit with us or not. Sometimes the person we want to hear from and the person we need to hear from are not the same. Be open to hearing from anyone. Don’t make deals with Spirit for certain evidence, that will only serve to block the flow of energy and possible messages.

I am afraid to get a reading because you might tell me something bad.
A reading should be empowering and uplifting. Remember that the messages you get in a reading come from Spirit, and Spirit loves you unconditionally and only wants you to grow, be happy and live your best life.

What is your best advice for a good reading?
Be open, relax and have FUN!

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