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Connecting with your guides, angels & loved ones in the spirit world


Psychic Mediumship Reading

Do you have questions like: Why is this happening to me?  What am I supposed to do now?  How can I live a more fulfilling life?  Or have you lost a loved one and you are wondering if they are safe in a good place or if they have a message for you.

As a psychic medium my goal is to work with you,  your angels, guides and loved ones with the highest good in mind to give you the best guidance so that you can improve your life and move forward on your path with ease and grace.

I will always be honest with you.  Sometimes what we want, or think we need, and what we REALLY need to grow and move forward are two different things.

Before your reading prepare a list of questions and/or specific issues that you want to cover.  This helps to focus your energy and reduces the chance of "Oops, I forgot to ask..."

Many people are a little nervous before a psychic/medium reading.  This is natural but please remember, this is nothing like what we see on tv, sit back, relax and know this all comes from a place of pure love and light.

COST:  Full hour reading - in person or telephone $120.00*

COST: Half hour reading - in person or telephone $80.00*


*Prices are for in person and telephone readings only.  They do not pertain to expos, fairs and home sessions.


Reiki is a simple, natural and safe method of spiritual healing.

It is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

The energies of the Divine Source (pure love) flow through the practitioner's body then hands to the recipient.

Reiki is offered either hands-off or through light, non-invasive touch.

Cost: Hour Session - $80.00


Energy Healing Session

An intuitive energy healing session is the perfect mix of a reading and Reiki in one appointment. 

Candais will clear and cleanse your aura and chakras, addressing and physical issues (aches, pains etc.), release energetic blockages, heal past life or DNA wounds, all while receiving messages from your spiritual team and Reiki.

These sessions are intuitively driven by your spiritual team (Angels, Spirit Guides etc.) so you get exactly what you need.

Cost: Hour Session - $120.00

Angel Guidance

Do you need assistance with one question?  In this mini reading Candais will use a mix of intuition and Angel cards to provide guidance form your Spiritual team.

These are done by email only.  To get a detailed case specific answer, your question must be specific as well.

Cost: $40

Energy Clearing

Human emotional energy can cling to objects and locations and be felt by everyone on an unconscious level.  Like dust, it builds and builds until it is cleaned.  By clearing out the energy of what has happened in your home or business, either by the current occupants or by those who occupied the space previously, you can cause great changes in your life.  Energy clearing is extremely helpful when your life feels stuck in some way or you want to make a new start.

If you are trying to sell a house, clearing the energy can help freshen the space.

If you purchased a new home, clearing the space is a wonderful way to claim the space and make it your own.  You would not move in without cleaning the walls and carpets first, why not clean the energy as well.

Clearing the energy in a business can boost sales and productivity and moral of employees. 

Energy clearings take between 1-2 hours depending on the size of building.

COST: $100.00 per hour plus millage





Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training - March 31, 2017

Mental Health First Aid - February 16, 2017

Reiki Master Level - December 2016

Bachelors Degree Metaphysical Science - June 16, 2016

Certified Angel Card Reader - December 3, 2013

Reiki Level Two - November 7, 2010

Reiki Level One - November 6, 2010



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